​Since I was just a young boy I have always strived to maintain a strong reputation of being a very honest and trustworthy person. My employers and customers have always praised my good work habits and ethics. I am a typical family man who loves to do pristine work with his hands which is why I actually love the art of rescreening. Yes I do call rescreening  an art form. Why? Because, before I taught myself how to rescreen I would bring my screens to a so called professional and each time I would get them back with the screen too loose or too tight and the frames would be warped or out of square. I realized that the so called pro's didn't truly understand how to control the tension of the screen while they worked with it. So I literally studied what was going on with the screen while I worked with it and developed techniques and tricks to precisely control the screen, leaving a very high quality finished product. 

My promise to you

The MOBILE screen repair pro. Serving Southern Dutchess County and  Eastern Orange County New York Area. Make sure your beautiful home is not hidden behind unsightly screens.

MY Story

MY Story

 My name is Paul Burkhardt. I am a true expert in the art of rescreening ,servicing Dutchess County New York and surrounding areas. I am not some handyman who claims to know how to repair and rescreen window and door screens. I have rescreened and repaired over 15,000 window and door screens and counting. I will take your damaged window screens and screen doors and rescreen them with crisp and clean lines returning them to the pristine, direct from the factory look that they originally had.

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